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Pittsburgh Radon Professionals Specialize in Mitigation Testing Inspections

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Radon Mitigation and Radon Testing

Welcome to Pittsburgh Radon Professionals where we specialize in Mitigation, Testing, System Inspections and Radon Fan Swap-Outs. We often tell our customers that not all radon mitigation companies are the same... and we really mean it. While there are a number of professional radon companies in Pittsburgh, not everyone does what we do. So what's so different about us?

First, we use the best fans in the industry. Many radon mitigation specialists use fans that are not rated for outdoor use in a radon application. This makes them unsafe. These same fans turn an ugly yellow after just a short while. Next, we really concentrate on aesthetics, taking extra time to make sure your system is not only effective, but also works for you visually. If that takes us a little longer, we're fine with it. U.S. Radon Professionals really wants to make sure you're happy with our service. We rarely schedule more than one mitigation a day. We're not looking to rush and risk your satisfaction! Lastly, we guarantee the effectiveness of your radon mitigation for the price we quote. If it takes additional work, it's done on our dime.


Radon Testing and Mitigation companies are easy to find...

...but many of these companies will bid cheap just trying to get your business. How can they do it cheaper than others? By using inferior components and emphasizing speed over quality, of course! Take a moment to consider the value comparison between the Radon Mitigation or Radon Testing job you will get from a cheap bid and the high-quality value you will get from Pittsburgh-based U.S. Radon Professionals.

  • Your Radon Mitigation is GUARANTEED with us! If after post-installation radon testing, your Radon is not below 4 pCi/L, we come make modifications to the Radon System at OUR EXPENSE until your issue is solved.

  • Your warranty covers the Radon Fan for 5 years and the effectiveness of the Radon Mitigation FOR LIFE.

  • Our Radon System installs are clean and neat. We use downspouts coming out of our fans instead of PVC, like many competitors. Downspouts come in multiple colors to match your existing spouts/gutters and blend in better with your home.

  • We will leave your home in the same condition we found it. We will not track dirt into your home or leave a work area in disarray. Our Radon System installers are clean and neatly dressed and are required to be friendly and thoughtful in your home.

  • The nationwide average for home Radon Mitigation install is $1200. We average far less to actually SOLVE the problem.

  • We ONLY use the BEST FANS and components manufactured by Festa Radon Tech. Many of our competitors use cheap fans that turn an UGLY yellow color within months after install.

  • We always do our Radon System inspections and estimates on-site! The Pennsylvania DEP says if you receive a quote over the phone, you should ignore it!

  • We always seal your slab perimeter (if needed) and vent above your roof line. This is required by code, but it's rare to find anyone in Pittsburgh or Western P.A. who does both these things with each Radon System installation.