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About U.S. Radon Professional's Mitigation and Testing Services

U.S. Radon Professionals was formed to bring excellence and professionalism to a Radon Mitigation industry that is full of low-ballers and corner-cutters.

Over the last twenty years, the danger of Radon gas in homes has become more widely known. Now, many states require Radon Testing to be completed before the sale of a home. Also in many states, Radon Mitigation is required if the Radon levels are found to be over 4 pCi/L. As a result, many companies have sprung up, eager to get into this rapidly growing business.

The federal guidelines for Radon Mitigation are very clear as to how Radon Professionals are to conduct their business. Some of these guidelines include:
  • A visual inspection of the property before radon mitigation estimate is given.
  • Sealing all perimeter gaps in each slab where a penetration is made.
  • Venting above the roof line.
Many companies in Pittsburgh and Western P.A. don't do ANY of these three things. NO Pittsburgh company we know of does all of them. These are only 3 of the requirements. There are MANY others that are ignored by companies offering Radon Mitigation and Radon Testing services.

Keep in mind, when you get an over-the-phone estimate from one of our competitors, they have ALREADY broken the rules for Radon Mitigation! If they're willing to do this right up front, how much can you trust them to do a professional job on the actual Mitigation?

Dave and Alane Lovic are the owners of U.S. Radon Professionals. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, they have experience in carpentry and construction, business and teaching. Their mentor for this venture is Daryl Festa, a National (and Pittsburgh) Radon industry professional with over 20 years in business as owner of Festa Radon Technologies.

radon fact: don't skimp

Radon Mitigation Services

  • Radon testing for homes and businesses
  • Radon Mitigation system installation
  • Post-Mitigation testing and reports
  • Fan Swap-Outs. New fans include 5-year warranty