Existing Radon Mitigation System Inspection and Upgrade

Not all Radon Mitigation companies in Pittsburgh are the same

Some, like U.S. Radon Professionals, take pride in doing a job according to code that meets and/or exceeds the expectations of homeowners. Others, very clearly, skirt their way around the code and install inferior radon mitigation systems. Their fans turn an ugly yellow and their installations do not take aesthetics into consideration. Worst of all, many companies offering radon mitigation services are using installers that don't even understand the science of radon. They think all you do is stick a pipe in the ground with a fan attached above it to "pull the radon out of the ground." Professional Radon Mitigation and Testing specialists know exactly how wrong (and actually funny) this is. For the homeowner, though, it's no laughing matter! The unfortunate result of bad radon mitigation design is a system that doesn't work with the desires of the homeowner or a system that doesn't work at all! If your system is not working properly or you are unhappy with the installation in some aesthetic way, let U.S. Radon Professionals come take a look! After conducting a full inspection and testing for your radon level, we can advise you on changes you could make on your own, or we can give you an estimate for modifying or strengthening your existing Radon Mitigation system.

Are you disappointed in a Radon Mitigation system that you had installed or did you buy a house that already had a system installed and you're not sure it's working? Ask U.S. Radon Professionals to Inspect or Upgrade your system today!

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