What Is Mitigation?

A radon mitigation system is any system or steps designed to reduce radon concentrations in the indoor air of a building. The EPA recommends that you take action to reduce your home's indoor radon levels if your radon test result is 4 pCi/L or higher, although many people choose to mitigate anyway in hopes of lowering that number to even safer levels.

Your home is like a huge chimney. Because of the enclosed, negative space, it pulls in air very strongly from the underground-level. That air travels up through the inside of your home and out from space in the roof. Many homes have a high uranium content in the soil under the foundation. This uranium breaks down into a radon gas that can get sucked right into your living space. Radon Mitigation is the process by which a radon professional can safely abate this activity and ensure that very little of the radon gas continues to seep into your home.

How Is Radon Mitigation Done?

The science of Radon Mitigation is confusing to some and, sadly, there is a lack of knowledge even in the community of supposed Radon specialists. The science behind Radon abatement has to do with unequal pressures between the home and the ground underneath the concrete slab or other foundation. Your home -- particularly your basement -- is negatively pressurized. Why? Because all the air in the house is warming and moving upward. This means air in the basement is negative -- it's always moving somewhere else. When negative pressure exists, that space wants to be filled with something -- in this case, new air. Where does your basement get more air from? Somewhere with a lot of positive pressure. Your slab or other foundation is creating LOTS of positive pressure underneath it because of the weight of the slab resting on top of it. When you have negative pressure (your basement) butted up against positive pressure (under your slab), it is a given that the positively pressurized air is going to find its way into the negative space.

To fix this, a U.S. Radon Professional mitigation specialist will drill a hole through the existing foundation and route a pipe from under the slab to the outside of your home. There, a specially-built fan will be installed that will pull air from underneath your slab. This changes the under-slab space from being positively pressurized to negatively pressurized -- so much that the house no longer pulls air in from the ground. When no more air is being pulled in from the ground, your Radon issue is effectively abated. Once a system is correctly installed, it will work for as long as the fan continues to run. If a fan reaches its end-of-life, your U.S. Radon Professional can swap it out for a new fan with a full, fan warranty.

There is no more professional solution to your radon mitigation than Pittsburgh's U.S. Radon Professionals.

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